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Eddy’s Takeaway warmly welcomes you to its haven of indulgence where an assortment of tasty dishes is offered to valued customers.

Looking for the best takeaway in Kirkcaldy? No Herculean task! Just ask a random local in High Street, ‘Can you help me find the best takeaway near me?’, and they’ll assuredly refer to our shop.

The variety of our dishes is so rich that it has flavourful craving for each and every palate.

We serve such delectable delights as fresh dough Pizzas, homemade Calzones, succulent Burgers, juicy Kebabs, mouthwatering Wraps and other delicious choices.

Our Hoagie Wraps are not only tasty and healthy, but they are also so nutritious that your body will get all the nutrients required for the day.

When cooking and serving a host of customers are concerned, hygiene takes priority. We do everything necessary to create hygienic conditions during preparation and delivery of our foods.

Our contact-free delivery services are there to minimise the risk of further outbreak of Covid-19.

You can also enjoy the ease of getting your favourite at the wheel with our drive-through service.

Remember we give an exclusive 10% discount on all online orders. Also, as we have joined Mealzo, you can place your order through its website and get a £3 off on orders over £15.

Call us at 01592611911 for any further information on our services.

Thanks for trusting us.